IMG_1958Our daughter went to Philips after attending public school. We are thrilled with the education she is receiving. It is far more appropriate for her educational level and what she will likely use in the future. I love that it is heavy on real, everyday math skills (time & money), and there is a emphasis on vocational awareness, even at an early age. The kids have had special classes in Music Therapy, Golf, Yoga, Art, Theater, Home Ec. and more. They purchase groceries and cook hot lunches under the guidance of a teacher. We are extremely happy that we have found this program!                                                                – Posted by Middle School Parent

Philips Academy has been a wonderful experience for our family. Our son would not be the young man that he is today if it was not for the support we have received from the staff at Philips Academy. The staff at Philips Academy are very supportive and they show each child special attention depending on their disability. The life skills approach has really helped my son learn many things that will help him succeed in life after attending Philips Academy.  It is a very positive atmosphere that helps children with Learning Disabilities. 

– Posted by High School Parent



Our relief was almost tangible as it was clear that the professional, competent and dedicated staff at Philips Academy truly understood our child’s unique needs, and they had researched and developed appropriate curriculum for promoting his academic success as well as a commitment to his future independence. 

– Posted by a Bridges Parent


The accommodations these students all needed were built into the school, with specific  accommodations tailored to each student. Goals were set that not only included academics, but also social and life skills, and helped life outside of school. With such a small student-teacher ratio, my son got the attention and instruction he needed, without falling through the cracks.

Through Philips Academy’s partnership with many different venues, he’s experienced doing community service projects and worked in a variety of settings to prepare him for the workplace. He also plans to go to community college next year.

– Posted by Parents of a Graduate