Bridges Transition Program

Bridges is a post-secondary program for highly motivated young adults with complex learning and social challenges.  It is designed for students who desire to continue their education in the areas of career preparation and independent living within the community.  The program is student-centered with small group instruction and individualized goal plans.

The Bridges Community Transition Program Provides:

  • Real learning experiences
  • Positive and supportive environments and mentoring
  • 20 hours a week of classes and community application
  • Direct instruction in the areas of personal-social skills, independent living skills and career skill development
  • Residential Training available
  • Employment Development and Support available, including community-based volunteer and internship opportunities; employment search, placement and retention assistance.

Independent Living Skills:

  • Consumer math / Managing money
  • Getting around the community, safety and awareness
  • Cleaning, laundry and home careIMG_1982
  • Menu planning and cooking

Personal-Social Skills:

  • Communication for daily living
  • Maintaining effective relationships
  • Self-determination and goal-setting
  • Health and wellness

Career Preparation:

  • Interest, abilities and career exploration
  • Resume writing and interview skills
  • Work-place social skills and “soft” work skills

Following successful completion of the  program, Bridges students may choose to enter full-time into their chosen career or continue their education in a community college setting.