Job Training Partner

DSC_2034Philips Academy is a non-profit school for children and young adults (ages 12-26) with cognitive disabilities and autism.  Our mission is to provide our students with the academic, work and social skills needed to be self-reliant, contributing members of their communities. 

Meaningful career development is essential to the independence, self-esteem and personal growth of our students.  Through work training opportunities which are matched to ability, interest and strengths, our students are introduced to work attire, time management skills, professional conduct and workplace etiquette. 

 How you can help: 

  • Share your knowledge and skills with our students as a guest speaker in one of our classrooms
  • Conduct one-time educational workplace tours (up to 10 students with Philips Academy staff assisting)
  • Extend one-time or short-term job shadowing opportunities for individual or small groups of students (e.g. tour your facility, ask questions, even perform real duties or tasks) 
  • Provide weekly volunteer opportunities for small groups of students with Philips Academy staff supervision
  • Invest in short-term internship experiences for individual students with PA support as needed (6 to 18 weeks)
  • Consider long-term paid employment with transitional PA staff support


Click here to find out more on how to become a job training partner.

Thank you for considering becoming a Philips Academy Community Partner.  We cannot prepare our students for adulthood without your help!