About Us

Philips Academy is a community of learning unlike any other in Charlotte.  Designed specifically for students requiring a life-centered approach to education, our program offers a unique combination of remediation, practical instruction and community-based application.

Following North Carolina Course of Study guidelines, Philips Academy has crafted a distinctive curriculum matching the individual needs of our students.  Serving Middle through High School grades, we offer a long-term educational solution for students—not just a temporary accommodation.

To fulfill our mission, Philips Academy is dedicated to hiring experienced and certified teachers, developing strong community networks, and instilling confidence and competence through daily experiences.

Philips Academy was founded in 2005 by Barbara Parrish, an educator, and Phil and Jane Blount, parents of a child with learning disabilities.  Motivated to find a school that exactly met their son’s needs, and not just settle for the best option available in Charlotte, the Blounts, along with Ms. Parrish, investigated other school programs across the nation, with the dream of creating an ideal program in this community.  Thus was born Philips Academy, a private, non-profit school serving middle and high school students with borderline to low average cognitive abilities within a 5-to-1 student-teacher classroom environment.

Opened in 2005 with only two full-time students and two staff members, Philips Academy now has 30 students and 13 staff.  Our program includes the use of well-researched curricula to remediate reading, writing and mathematics deficits, as well as to teach practical and life skills through community involvement.  Employing only experienced and certified Special Education teachers as well a Career Development specialist, Philips Academy is the only program of its kind in the Charlotte community.

Philips Academy is a private non-profit school for students in middle and high school with complex language, learning and/or cognitive disabilities.  Philips Academy believes that these students thrive when given a purposeful education that prepares them for all of the benefits and responsibilities of adulthood.  Our mission is to provide our students with the academic, occupational and social skills needed to be self-reliant, confident and contributing members of their communities.

Organizational Values

  • We believe that certified teachers with credentials and experience with learning disabled populations are of utmost importance to the success of our students.
  • We believe small class sizes and individualized instruction guarantee the success of our students.
  • We believe Philips Academy is a long-term educational solution for our students.
  • We believe in practical experiences, involving community resources, as an integral part of daily education for our students.
  • We believe confidence and independence should be nurtured through daily experiences, culminating in a successful transition from school to adulthood.
  • We believe the administration of our school should uphold the highest standards of academic measurements and accreditation; our financial integrity should sustain the scrutiny of independent authorities and at all times comply with generally accepted accounting practices; our Board should be our decision-making authority; and we should seek opportunities to contribute back to our community.

Philips Academy will be a leader in functional and career education.  This will be accomplished through teacher recruitment, regular staff development, and on-going collaboration with community agencies.

Philips Academy will offer a pragmatic, purposeful program that will insure the students a successful transition into the community in which they choose to live.  This will be accomplished through development and implementation of an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), incorporation of a job portfolio into the graduation requirement, and strong community and parent involvement.