Philips Academy is a nurturing, creative learning environment for students requiring life skills education along with academic instruction. Philips is a close-knit community where students, teachers, and families work together to develop the confidence and independence needed to adapt to situations beyond the classroom.

Program Summary

Philips Academy focuses on educating students with complex language, learning and/or cognitive disabilities, including autism spectrum disorders and Down syndrome. Our program utilizes well-researched curriculum that provides a unique combination of evidence-based practices, remediation, practical instruction, life skills and community-based application.

Employing experienced and certified Special Education teachers, Philips Academy is the only program of its kind in the Charlotte community educating middle school and high school students.

Philips Academy also offers a post-secondary program called Bridges that offers highly motivated young adults with complex learning and social challenges the opportunity to continue their education in areas of vocational/career skills and independent living within the community.

Middle School & High School

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Philips Academy is a North Carolina-approved private school. Our curriculum follows North Carolina guidelines for Occupational Course of Study. Our students earn a high school diploma upon completion of graduation requirements. We offer a progressive, research-based curricula targeting:

Life-centered academic preparation
Communication and social skills
Daily living skills including managing money, time & nutrition
Job exploration and career-readiness skills
Philips Fast Facts

Co-educational school for ages 11 through 21

Full instructional day from 8:15 AM to 3:15 PM

40% of students receive financial aid

6 : 1

Maximum student-teacher ratio of 6:1

Academic remediation in math and language arts

Life skill instruction: tell time, ride the bus, cook a meal

Comprehensive vocational aptitude and interest inventory assessment

Community-based instruction, job sampling, and internships

Bridges Transition Program

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Bridges is a post-secondary program for highly motivated young adults with complex learning challenges. The program serves students who desire to continue their education in areas of occupational skills and independent living within the community.

Our school provides real-world learning and work experiences, positive supportive environments and community partnerships with area businesses and agencies. The curriculum is student-centered with small group classes and individualized plans in career and personal development. Families are recognized as important team members whose encouragement of the student’s self-direction and independence is often the key to their success.

Students learn essential life skills through direct instruction, mentoring and community application. Vocational and career skills are developed through job sampling and internships.

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