Philips Academy thanks all its school supporters, community partners and donors. Your time, effort and donations help make Philips Academy possible. Please contact us if you are interested in sponsoring an event.

Event Sponsors

Individual Donors

Jessica and Greg Abrams

Kyle Agee

Sandra and Henry Agusti

Christian Alegria

Randy Alexander

Helen Alford

Josh Ammons

Allyson and Scott Anderson

Betty and Perrin Anderson

Evan Anderson

Keg & Bryan Andrews

Justina Ankrah

Diane and Gerald Applefield

Nicole Arendale

Judith and Tony Arey

Martha Arlandson

Ashley and Grant Armistead

Milly and Louis Asbury

Kathryn and Darren Ash

Carolyn and Joe Bailey

Dianne Bailey

Patsy Baker

Elizabeth and Eric Banks

Janice Barbee

Sandra Barbour

Catherine and Skip Barkley

Elise and Brian Barksdale

Kimberly and Lewis Barnhardt

Katy Bartley

Megan and Harris Barton

Linda and Rick Baxter

Chad Beddingfield

Silvia Begun

Terry Belfield

Margery and James J. Belisle

Sarah and Tim Belk

Ruth Berken

Becky and PJ Berolatti

Alice Biddle

Sandra and Robert Bisanar

Kayla Blackshere

Peaches Blank

Carol and Jason Blount

Jane and Phil Blount

Marcella Bonar

Shannon Bone

Carrie Coulson and Brian Bonewitz

Sandra and Ron Boozer

Marianne and Bryan Borders

Angela Bordonaro

Maurya Boyd

Bev and Doug Bradley

Guy Bradley

Margaret Bradley

Laurie and Chris Brady

Rosanne Brandt

Henry Breaux

Annette Brooks

Jameka Brooks

Kathryn Brown

Patricia and Neil Brown

Bridget and Shippen Browne

Marty and John Brownlow

Melody Brunson

Flo and Kedar Bryan

Zonyia Bryer

Denise and Mike Burkard

Gregory Burke

Joann and Andy Calhoun

Artessa Campbell

Michal Campbell

Steve Canale

Dawn and Aaron Cannon

Irene and Carl Carande

Dorothy and William Cardwell

Sara and Ben Cardwell

Bonnie and Russell Case

Dori Cazorla

James Ceresnak

Walter Chanter

Ronee Christy

Janine Ciranni

Barbara and George Climer

Frances Cloninger

Sallie and Derick Close

Elizabeth Cobb

Anne and Robert Cochran

Katy Cochran

Jean and Gene Cochrane

Susan and Richard Coe

Dawn and Jon Coffin

Jayne and Michael Cohill

Marcy and Tom Coker

Marie Coleman

Walker Collier

Lou Cooper

Natalie and Timothy Corrigan

Alastair Cousins

Lucy and James Crain

Brenna Creech

Jean and John Cunningham

Marc D'Acunti

Victor and Linda D'Acunti

Kevin Daly

Stephanie and Russ Daniel

Brook Darby

Lisa and Rhyne Davis

Lynn and Jim Davis

William Davis

Lee Ann and Steve DeCarlo

Peggy and Joseph Deleo

Tonia and Nick Delgado

Marcie Demore

Julie Dermack

Debra Derrenbacher

Eldon Deweerth

Meg and George Dewey

Molly Dewey

Elizabeth Dickens

Angela Dimalanta

Kristin and Joseph Downey

Dolly Dudley

Bob Duffy

Lynn Dull

Howard Dunaway

Cynthia Durham

James Edwards

Kathleen and Terry Efird

Jennifer and Michael Egues

Carol Elam

Dena and Jay Elie

Margaret Eller

Dorsey and Mark Elliott

Minna and Mike Elliott

Amanda and Jaime Emmanuelli

Nicki Engel

Stephen Esworthy

Martha and Eric Eubank

Nancy Fahrner

Joan and David Faircloth

Rebecca Fant

Meg Farmer

Lesley Faulkner

Christopher Fernandez

Casey Field

Cheryl Fiorenza

Amy Firth

Karissa Fox

Barbara and Steve Frech

Emily and Mike Gaffney

Barbara and Paul Galentine

Kimberly and James Gamble

Steve Garrett

Steve Garrett

Stephen Gift

Ann and John Goodwin

Karen and Stephen Gosselin

Holly and Jon Graff

Holly and Jon Graff

Marilyn and John Graham

Meredith and Kelly Graves

Debra and John Gray

Raleigh Anne and John Gray

Roman Green

Barbara C Greiss

Barbara Greiss

Linda C Greiss

Linda Greiss

Martie Griffin

Cate Gutter

Emily Hak

John Ham

Denise and Kenny Hammond

Jayne and Kent Hammond

Georgia and Andre Harakas

Lucy and Hooper Hardison

Tara Hardison

Yvonne and George Hargrove

Judy and Yog Hari

April Harley

Kristin and Garrett Harper

Jane Harrington

Ralph Hawkins

Tammy and Jonathan Hay

Rose Hayden

Alison Hayes

Robyn Haynie

Robyn Haynie

Drew Hebeisen

Rebecca Heilman

Jennifer Heimall

Kathy and John Heldman

Jen Hemmelgarn

Sarah and Warren Henry

Lisa and Jason Hickman

Marya Hicks

Stephanie Higgins

Susan Hincemon

Virginia and Walker Hobson

Ali Hoce

Michael and Jocelyn Hoefling

David Hoffman

Deborah and John Hofland

Gretchen and Rod Hofland

Dawn and Nathan Holbrook

Langdon and Addie Holzman

Robert Horner

Tara Hughes

Young and Mee Huh

Kathy Hull

Lilia Vazquez-Hunter and Fred Hunter

Maureen and Kevin Hussey

Sherry Ibbs

Timothy Ignasher

Alison and Louis Imbrogno

Amy and Michael Imbrogno

Annette and Ed Imbrogno

Fred Imbrogno

Fred Imbrogno

Jeff Isom

Jane and Frasier Ives

Nina and James Jackson

Vicki James

Carla Jansen

Kay and Belvie Jenkins

Alicia Jesso

Tonya and Todd Jesso

Ken and Georgia Johnson

Steve Johnson

Virginia and Morrison Johnston

Anna Jones

Diane Jones

Jessica and Craig Jones

Rhoda and Davin Juckett

Annie Porges and Julio Ramirez

Kathryn and Peter Justis

Julie and Mike Kavanagh

Marcelle and Wilkins Kee

India Keith

Katherine Kelly

Angela Kilgore

Willa Klingensmith

Elizabeth Knight

Barbara and Bob Koehler

Tyler Kolbenschlag

Jennifer and Jim Koman

Dana and Richard Koplik

Sherry and Robert Kornfeld

Maureen and Tom Korzik

Ellyn Korzun

Mark Kuljian

Kim Kurani

Douglas LaBrosse

Betty Lynn Lambert

Krystal Lancaster

Mike Lancaster

Jennifer Langford

Kelli and Peter Lash

Loretta Lentz

Susan and Eric Lerner

Alison and Jack Levinson

Brett Lipman

Ann Wyatt Little

Susan and Joe Loparco

Gaiane and John Lopez

Gina and Devin Lorsson

Karen and Jeff Lowe

Katie Lowe

Lorinna Lowrance

Tim & Jene Lucchino

Spencer Lueders

Geri Lusker

Betsy Lynch

Loreal Maguire

Lulie and Lynwood Mallard

Martha Mallory

Gwen Manning

Pamala Mansell

Judy Marion

Jennifer Mark

Maxine Marren

Margaret and Harrison Marshall

Lauren Martin

Karen Mastrantoni

Sissy and Jim Mattox

Kristin Mavromatis

Dee Dee and Bill Maxwell

Betsy and Jason Mayer

David Maynard

Pamela Maze

Natalie McBrayer

Charles Barry McCrory

Sheldon McCurry Stokes

Tracey McDanel

Susan McDonough

Rod McGeachy

Katie Sidman and Stew McGough

Katie Sidman and Stew McGough

Ellen McKane

Kristin and Tom McKittrick

Joe McLean

Ralph McMillan

Elizabeth McNabb

Harry McNair

Harry McNair

Mary Ann McPherson

Katrina Melton

Pamela Miles

Dawn and Brent Milgrom

Megan Daisy Milner

Ashley Mitchell

Ginny and Mike Mitchell

Michael and Kate Mitchell

Becky Mitchener

Davis Moise

Jennifer Monaco

Amanda and Dave Mooney

Douglas Moore

Joyce and Thomas Moore

Margaret Moore

Margaret Moore

Barbara Morin

Valerie Morini

Jamie and Richard Morrow

Mundise Mortimer

Duncan Morton

Lynn and Malcolm Murray

Sheila and Michael Nail

Sheila and Michael Nail

Sheila and Michael Nail

Hannah Nanaa

Morgan Nash

Barbara and Richard Neidinger

Lisa and Lee Neisler

Lisa and Lee Neisler

Eric Nelson

Jan and Dick Nelson

Susan and Don Nelson

June Nice

Shannon and Graham Nice

Deborah and Robert Nichols

Jennifer and Matt Nichols

Judy Nichols

Judy Nichols

Missy Norman

Randi Odom

Jane and Tim O'Donoghue

Eileen Oflaherty

Lauryn and Josh Ohaus

Melodie and Richard Ohaus

Danni Olson

Christopher Palermo

Kristi and Frank Palermo

Susan and John Papadopulos

Linda and Randy Parker

Stephanie Parker

Cookie and Jerry Parnell

Karen Partee

Beth Paschal

Kimberly Patterson

Pamela and Robert Paynter

Lizabeth and Robert Pearce

Sharon Pegoraro

Andy Pfeiffer

Kirsten and Mike Phalen

Reta Phifer

Meredith and Clay Phillips

Susan and Danny Phillips

Michele Pietropinto

Nancy Pippin

Lyle Pirnie

Ryan Platt

Melody and Paul Poetzsch

Stephanie and Scott Poludniak

Katherine Popp

Janet Porges

Pamela Poston

Amy Potter

Dawn Powell-Manso

Sara Pressly

Janet Pue

Theresa Punsalan

Lori and Bobby Purcell

Carol and Donald Purviance

Courtney and Scott Purviance

Susan Purviance

Dosty Quarrier

Lisa Quisenberry

Anne and Russell Ranson

Mandy and David Ravin

Debbie and Joe Rechner

Valerie Redmon

Julie Reed

Laura and Mark Reed

Fran and Jim Reichard

Josh Reichard

Shannon Reichley

J Walter Reid

Mandy Rencher

Mary Lib and Jim Richards

Debbe Roberts

Ashley Robertson

Brooklyn and Andy Roddick

Tracy and Mike Rodriguez

Kim and Kurt Romberg

Kim Romig

Mary Romoser

Ben Rose

Suzanne Ross

Valarie and John Ross

Elizabeth and Robert Rostan

Sarah and Robert Salton

Whitney Sanders

Michelle and Brian Sandlin

Nanette Saraga

Deborah Sarjeant

Janet and Dale Sarjeant

Katie and Daniel Sarjeant

Pamela and Karl Sawyer

Gretchen and Marc Scavo

Suzanne and Jim Schaffer

Bob Schellenberg

Kathryn Schindler

Wendy Schmidly

Joen Schultz

Susan and Mike Schultze

Carol Schurr

John and Christen Scott

Katie and Steve Scruggs

Meghann and Jason Sehorn

Crystal and Steve Sellers

Karen Sessions

Kerry Shea

Nina and Pat Sheehan

Emily Rose Sheffield

Randi and Kevin Shirley

Randi and Kevin Shirley

Donna Short

Courtney and Andy Silver

Carol and Neal Simmons

Marci and LD Simmons

Janet and Kevin Sims

James Slaton

Phillip Smalley

Jennifer and Mike Smith

Jim Smith

Sherese and Matt Smith

Luz Soto

Emmett Spencer

Brent Spitzer

Adelaide Spizer

Nancy and Rod Spruill

Carolee Staddart

Darin and Kim Stafford

Chuck Stauffer

Edward Steinberg

Patricia and David Stern

Karla Stovall

Christine Strasser

Katherine Rockett and Ben Sugarwala

Carol and Gary Sugg

Lisa and Phil Tappy

Claire and John Tate

Debbie and Mark Taylor

Amy and Bill Thomas

Millie Thomas

Jessie Thompson

Karen Timblin

Whitney Tindel

Beatriz and Mark Tobin

Anne Totten

Mary Beth and Steve Townley

Lorraine Townsend

Nicole and Clint Townsend

Cathie and Lou Trosch

Jillian Trotter

Janet and Jerry Troutman

Michelle and David Tschirhart

Bobby Turner

Kay and Nick Valaoras

Jodi and Michael Vaneman

Elizabeth Vaughn

Kelly and Brian Viola

Marilyn and Robert Viola

Beeland Voellinger

Sherri Walch

Melissa and Todd Walker

Susan Wallace

Paige Waugh

Karen and Christopher Weichman

Debbie White

Judy and Pete Whiting

Katharine Whitlow

Barbara and T. Randolph Whitt

Suzanne and David Wick

Linda Wigal

Chris and Mike Wiggins

Nancy and Richard Williams

Barbara and Charles Williamson

Peter Winarsky

Marianne and Rick Winn

Lena Withers

Prince Witt

Alice Womack

Anja Workman

Judy Worthy

Heidi and Jeff Wright

Jean Zoutewelle

Sally and Andy Zoutewelle

Corporations & Foundations

Action Plus Ideas


Amazon Smile


Aston Properties

Ausome Siri Blue Trust Corp

Bank of America Charitable Foundation

Blue Fox Roofing

Bragg Financial Advisors

Breisacher Realty

Carolina Panthers Organization

Changing Lives Togeher Foundation

Charlotte Woman's Club

Chick-Fil-A Cotswold

Children's Theater Charlotte

Cobb Foundation

Cold Harbor Financial Services



Duke Energy

Evergreen Silks


Fairwood Construction

Flavor Waves

Friendly Dental

Frontier Growth Foundation

Grace Community Church of Fort Mill

Harker Construction

HRL Enterprises

ICI Printing

James R. Braswell and Bonnie L. Braswell Trust


Johnston Allison & Hord PA

Katharina Circle


Mecklenburg Board of Elections


Northwestern Mutual Foundation

Park National Bank

Piada Italian Street Food

Piedmont Club Foundation

Principal Financial

Publix Super Market Charities

R.A. Overcash

Jr. Family Foundation

Reid's Fine Foods Carolina Select Brands

Ross & Witmer

S&S Flavors

St John Photography

The Dowd Foundation

The Duke Endowment

The George W. & Ruth R. Baxter Foundation Inc

The Hartford

The Home Depot

The Joan S. and Charles W. Coker Foundation

The Merancas Foundation

The Tobin Company


Thrift CRES

Trader Joe's- Ballantyne


Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo Bank- Waverly Center

In Kind Donations

Steve Canale

John Flitton

Raleigh Anne and John Gray

Marcelle and Wilkins Kee

Charlotte Kennedy

Benjamin Schwartz

Brian Yates


Chick-Fil-A Cotswold

Children's Theater Charlotte

Chocolates by Lorada

Dabney Designs

Evergreen Silks

Flavor Waves

Javesca Coffee

Morrison Smith Fine Jewelers

Publix Super Market Charities

Reid's Fine Foods

Ross & Witmer

St John Photography

Super Eagle Auto Care

The Home Depot- Pineville

The Secret Chocolatier

Trader Joe's- Ballantyne

Wake Forest- Charlotte MBA

Wake Forest- Charlotte School of Professional Studies


Philips Academy Parent Committee

Katharina Circle

Sharon Drennan

Jane Ives

Ginny Mitchell

Katie and Magnus Monson

JD Ross

Jim Sabinske

Rachel Stitt

Community Partners

AFP Charlotte

Aston Properties


Beds For Kids

Best Buddies

Bitty and Beaus Coffee

Cakable Charlotte

Camp Blue Skies

Charlotte Diaper Bank

Charlotte Fire Department Station 14

Charlotte Fire Department- Station 24

Charlotte Police Department Providence Division

Charlotte Took Bank

CLT Foundation

Crisis Assistance Ministry

Early Bird Developmental Services

Dream On 3

Habitat Charlotte Region ReStore

Hospitality House

JJ Red Hots

Julia's Café & Books


Luna Grata

Mecklenburg County Board of Elections

Mecklenburg County Deputy Sheriff James Miller

Modern Salon & Spa

My Farm Camps

NC Med Assist

Next Step Clubhouse

No Limits Counseling

Northwest School Of The Arts

Phil's Deli

Piedmont Music Therapy

Promise Pajamas

Promising Pages

Rainbow Express Ministries

RyzAb0ve Fitness

Samaritan's Feet

Share Charlotte

Special Olympics of Mecklenburg County

Special Olympics of North Carolina

Special Olympics USA

Telcom Insurance Group

The Giddy Goat Coffee Roasters

Trinity Presbyterian Church

Trinity Presbyterian Weekday School


UPS Cotswold #1247

Valens Entertainment

Wake Forest MBA Charlotte

Wake Forest School of Professional Studies Charlotte

Weill Fitness

ZABS Place

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