With your help, we can change the lives of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

As a non-profit organization, Philips Academy welcomes and encourages others to engage in improving our community. If you share in our passion for a more inclusive Charlotte, explore some of the ways you can help us out!

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How You Can Help

Speak in Class

Share your knowledge and skills with our students as a guest speaker in one of our classrooms

Workplace Tours

Lead or facilitate one-time educational tours at your workplace for our students

Job Shadowing

Extend one-time or short-term job shadowing opportunities for individual or small groups of students

Volunteer Projects

Provide weekly or monthly volunteer opportunities for small groups of students and Philips staff

Internships or Employment

Invest in short-term internship experiences for individual students or consider long-term paid employment with transitional PA staff support


Give materials (in-kind) or give monetary tax-deductible gift to assist us in training Charlotte’s future workforce

Philips Academy is made possible in part by funds donated to our school. Learn more about how you can donate or contribute to our Scholarship Endowment.

Thanks to all our partners and community members who support Philips Academy! Your support and donations help make Philips Academy possible.

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